The Americana Diner sign

The anchor diner of the Americana group, this East Windsor treasure improves on the ubiquitous NJ diner experience with a gourmet flair.  Owned by one of our old schoolmates, Constantine Katsifis (who we remember getting us in trouble in the 6th grade for talking out of turn), the menu is not quite as large as most diners, but what it may lack in breadth is made up for in food quality.

Burgers (including veggie) are offered in about 8 styles, each more delicious than the next.  The fries are old-fashioned, not coated, and perfect.  The Greek salad is divine, with large triangles of piquant feta and plenty of vinegar and oregano.  Don’t miss the Athenian Feta Crepe, which blends spinach, feta, tomatoes and basil into a thin, non-eggy crepe–served with grilled zucchini and tart tzatziki sauce.

For an extra nice touch, as soon as you sit down, the waitstaff brings you a half-loaf of crusty bread and a never-large-enough pat of cold butter topped with kosher salt.  The dessert case is filled with delicious looking cakes, as well as a unique selection of locally-made artisan chocolates, and there is a full bar.  Yum.