We wish we could include a picture of Spotswood’s Cambridge Inn, but the interior was too dim and depressing to capture a photo.

How many times have we passed this place and not thought to go in?  Uncountable, and that’s not even a word.  So we figured why not give it a shot?  Alas, we may have been on to something with our initial instincts.

Like a Perkins chain locale, but with worse lighting, we sort of wanted to like the Cambridge Inn.  In fact, the food, though totally unsophisticated, was passable-Flounder Franchaise was plain but neat (don’t fall for the “vegetable risotto” side-dish claim which is really from a dehydrated box mix) and the Gardenburger was grilled and presented on a reasonably good whole-grain bun with crispy condiments.  But service was slow, and the eating environment could beat the sunshine out of Annette Funicello.

The place has been around for ages, and there seems to be a very busy schedule of open mike nights and musical appearances at the bar, as well as dinner specials and kids-eat-free promotions in the dining section.  So we suspect someone must be coming here on a regular basis even in spite of the bleak surroundings.  For us, however, it was likely a one-time visit.