The old flour mill, seen from across Lake Carnegie

Kingston (pop. 1200) is a little village-y town that extends around a section of Route 27 north of Princeton. The main street features some antique stores, an equestrian tack shop, professional services offices and a strangely high density of quality restaurants: Eno Terra, Osteria Procaccini and Main Street Cafe to name three heavy hitters. One possible explanation for the plethora of fine food? Tradition from when Washington Slept (& Ate & Destroyed Bridges) Here, while esconced in his Rockingham estate on Laurel Avenue. Well, currently on Laurel Avenue, as the house has been moved several times to make way for the ever-expanding Trap Rock Quarry.

In any case, GW’s house and the restaurants are for other posts… For now our focus is the town’s branch of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park, accessible next to the Eno Terra restaurant just off Route 27. This mostly straight and flat trail, known as the tow path from its days as a working waterway, runs next to the canal itself and is a favorite for joggers and cyclists.

View from the flour mill

A short walk up the sandy path brings you past a quaint old flour mill to the adjacent Lake Carnegie, a man-made reservoir courtesy of, you guessed it, gazillionaire Andrew Carnegie who christened it eponymously in 1906. It is home to Princeton University’s rowing team and featured on the opening credits of the TV show House.

Canal offshoot with tree obstacle

Happy greenery along the tow path

The views are lovely, and the walking easy and pleasant. We saw canoers, hikers, geese and dragonflies all in states of quiet contentment in the sunshine. By foot or by canoe, you can see turtles, fish and other wildlife–even the tell-tale gnawed trees of beavers. Intrepid sorts can traverse all the way to Trenton, New Brunswick or Frenchtown on this lengthy trail! A nice way to get some exercise, fresh air and an infusion of nature and history. Oh, and a good meal too.