The giant horseshoe crab resting on its temporary barge

Few places in the world have the population of giant horseshoe crabs that New Jersey does–it is a mecca for the ancient critters, who like our state’s sandy shores for breeding, feeding and happy daily living. However, now a truly giant horseshoe crab–47 feet long to be exact–has moved in to the Brielle/Mantaloking area.

The $96,000, 25,000 pound concrete sculpture, designed and constructed by Point Pleasant artist and SCUBA instructor Christopher Wojcik, in partnership with the Blue Ocean Institute, is temporarily situated on a barge in a Brielle marina. We visited the giant crab while it was still above water and it was a sight to behold.  No crowds, little fanfare, just a 12+ ton crab on a boat, and super cool.

The concrete gaze of the giant crab sculpture

As part of a program called Art as Reef, it was due to be sunk three miles off the shores of Mantaloking on July 25 but was delayed due to weather and still awaiting deployment as of this writing.  The crab, which will hold the Guinness World Record as the largest underwater sculpture in the world, will serve as an artificial reef for more than 150 species of marine life. Another feather in the New Jersey cap!